We believe that if you gave the same materials and design to another manufacturer you still wouldn’t achieve the same product.  What we offer is a unique blend of old world artistry and cutting-edge technology that are suffused together to create a
singular product.


EcoSoft® marks a new era in the development of high performance and environmentally friendly carpet tile cushion backing.  The next generation of Carpet Tile backing that puts millions of discarded water bottles to a very good use.

EcoSoft is the next generation of carpet tile backing that is made from 100% post-consumer material reengineered from millions of discarded drinking water bottles, plus 5% post-industrial recycled PET.  This environmentally friendly backing not only meets all the stringent performance criteria required in a carpet tile, but consistently out performs conventional PVC and bitumen hard back, as well as urethane cushion back, in terms of durability, walking comfort, acoustical propensity and indoor air quality. 

To date EcoSoft® has recycled over 500 million PET bottles from polluting our planet...  Be a part of this mission!


EcoSquare® marks a new era in the development of high performance and environmentally sustainable backing.  It is a new generation of carpet tile backing, made from 44.5% to 48% recycled content. EcoSquare tiles are 100% recyclable.

EcoSquare is another step in Carpet Inter’s ongoing Sustainability and Reclamation Program, repurposing waste material into a recycled high performance tile backing.

Laser Cutting 

With our Laser Cutting technology all tile sizes, shapes, and dimensions are all possible.

Modern Craft 

The 50x50 square carpet tile Module has been the default and reliable standard size, imparting design flexibility into all types of interiors. Using the same principles that make them so flexible and adaptable, we now bring you more modular tile sizes to offer a fresh formula for creative integration on the floor. Check out our Modern Craft “Outside of the Box” program, featuring an even broader menu of shapes and sizes.

Sector Brochure 

The primary requirement governing the selection of flooring is that it should be 'fit for purpose', i.e., that the functional performance of the flooring should match the user’s requirements. This definition covers not only the physical or functional performance, but also the many factors that impact users and occupants, and are a recognized part of the healing or working environment, e.g. acoustic control, colour, texture, and comfort.

Find out how our tile can be executed to non-corporate office market segments, such as government, education, healthcare, hospitality and retail space.

3D Carpet Tile Simulation 

With the 3D Virtual Simulator you can visually experience our comprehensive carpet tile catalogue. Automatically updated by our inhouse design team, this app ensures that you are up-to-date on our latest offerings.  

The tool will enable you to select the desired room scene, design, and color. By changing the carpet installation within the room, you can see how your selected design looks in the room. The tool will also allow you to customize their tile shape and dimension even showing design coordination capabilities of tile on the floor.


Carpets Inter’s revolutionary ZeroFlow moisture resistant backing prevents liquid spills from
penetrating through the carpet to the subfloor where they can’t be cleaned.

ZeroFlow® is a uniquely engineered thermoplastic system developed to work with our tufted broadloom
and axminster carpets. This backing establishes a moisture management system between the carpet
and the subfloor.